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What We Do
Bioenergia is Research and Production Company, a leader in the development and production of premixes, feed and feed additives for all kinds of farm animals.

During 13 years on the market the company has grown from a small local company producing premixes to multidisciplinary structure with serious production facilities, high-class specialists, research base, authoritative consulting, logistics service and competent own information space. More than ten years of experience has enabled Bioenergia Company to reach a qualitatively different level of production technology and relationships in business.

Company business is the implementation of a complex program for improving the economic efficiency of the company partner for a number of media related activities: audit, a detailed analysis of the production process, to determine the characteristics, development and implementation of a personal «solutions», full consulting support.

Development and implementation of complex innovative solutions on the feed market, allows consumers to pay more attention to the stages of the production process, relying on the professionalism and experience of the company in the production of feed and its components for farm animals. Based on the specifics of the industry, the company builds long-term partnerships to maximize the benefits of collaboration.

The guarantee of a high-tech certified products of Bioenergia Company is:
  • detailed control at all stages of production and the certificate of accuracy dosing, mixing, purity lines Certification Institute IFF (Germany);
  • one of the best plants of the European level in Russia, according to leading industry experts;
  • availability of existing quality management system complies with GOST ISO 9001-2011;
  • certified research laboratory «BioLab»;
  • major, reliable suppliers.

Products that people use in their work are reflection of themselves. Working with leading companies in Russia and CIS, Bioenergia Company certainly offers products and related services at the highest level.

Bioenergia Company perceives business and its current/potential European partners, trying to satisfy the customer's needs, professionally, with a high level of responsibility, implementing each element of the business relationship from the service to the finished high-tech product. Only this way can be the key to the development of productive, long-term business relationship. Success consists of small things, long and scrupulous work.

In a wide sense, we transform the experience of highly skilled professionals from leading companies in the world, their own knowledge of science in the production of premixes, feed additives, technology of feed and management of farm animals, and introduce it in the current conditions of the Russian market.