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Social Policy
A social policy is very important, considering the highly competitive market today, in order to increase loyalty of concerned parties to the company. In this context Bioenergia Company actively function.

Shortage of skilled staff growing every year is one of the factors that influenced the current social and job relations. The employer has to take into account the needs of qualified employees and increase their loyalty to the company for attracting and retaining their in staff.
Social policy is a vital element of the company today. It increases the level of trust in the company of many concerned people: employees, candidates for the employees, customers, partners. Just competent strategy of social policy line has a positive impact both on the overall appearance of the company and its financial risks. Social policy is an objective factor of the company openness, an aspiration to mutually beneficial relationships with the environment.

So, under corporate social policy the company carries out:
  • regular intelligent investment: company specialists visit trainings, international scientific conferences and seminars. We also invite foreign consultants, business-coaches for our staff training considering the company workload and non availability of our specialists to conduct training themselves. Trainings are based on our own administrative building.
  • collaboration with universities, providing students with industrial and scientific areas for practice, and the possibility of further employment.

The company signed an agreement with Saratov State Agrarian University named by N.I.Vavilov. According to this document, the company is obliged to organize the training and work practices of students in their departments, and if there are vacancies in the company to consider candidates of graduates for employment in accordance with the obtained specialty and qualification as a priority, as well as to create conditions for their professional growth.
Passing the practice and training in our company, the potential employee will receive not only theoretical but also practical knowledge to become a successful and demanded expert.

The problem of graduate employment is extremely urgent today. The public distribution system is gone.
Today, a young professional is faced quite a tough market conditions, of which he did not always come out as a winner. Currently, young people represent the largest group of unemployed – more than 30% of total number of registered unemployed. In addition, 25-28% of total population of unemployed youth are graduates. However, there is an interest of large companies in young skilled workers. But for some reason not all companies are able to provide the proper level of efficient collaboration with universities, which will be an employment as a result.