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Dmitry Grachev, CEO «Adisseo Eurasia»:
«The new plant, with my point of view (even if not quite professional technically) is ideal, but I think, that as in any new technological product, specialists will have a debugging period and process optimization. I would like to wish Bioenergia – our long-standing reliable partner – as soon as possible to increase production value, allowing the plant to invest in new developments, for example in IR monitoring. Fortunately, the existence of its own PTL and known worldwide Saratov scientific school in the field of biochemistry and microbiology allowed to be sure for quality control of Bioenergia premix. Now you need to think about the international Plant certification. Of course, there is a development of additional service for the customers of your premixes up ahead. And we are always ready to provide a support as a major international company with extensive experience in this field. For example, already today together we are able to offer PNE-service to a number of your major customers, which introduced Adisseo worldwide».

Leo Geilvoet, Poultry Consultant, the Head of Projects work:
«I worked in Russia with many companies and I must admit, sometimes it's very difficult. The main problem is poor organization. My first impression of Bioenergia Company is perfect organization. I think this is very important in business and I can conclude that the way you've treated me – you also treat your customers. You very quickly respond to emails and even this moment can play into the hands of working with poultry farms. Poultry farms, as well as all companies, are confronted daily with a variety of current problems and the fact that the supplier company quickly responds to order can only fix your reputation as a reliable company. Bioenergia company's work style is a Western style of work, even though the West is not always found such a competent organization of work. I was very surprised».

Nicholay Kurchatkin, director of «Avangard «Tsivilskiy Bacon»:
«Division of «Avangard» Tsivilskiy Bacon» (Republic of Chuvashia) successfully cooperates with Bioenergia (Saratov) from April, 2010 till now.
When used the compound feed with protein-vitamin-mineral concentrates of Bioenergia production on the «Fattening» group during 105-165 days, we have an average daily gain for this group of more than 900 g, the safety of 99%.
10% protein-vitamin-mineral concentrate («Starter2») of Bioenergia production is currently testing. Preliminary results of the experimental group for 1200 heads of livestock in 72-86 days amounted to 811 g.
Professional approach to the work of the company provides high performance and significantly reduces the cost of meat at the same time».

Simon Grey is Pig Farm Management Specialist, Consultant in «JSR Genetics» (UK):
«Bioenergia has a good reputation in the Russian market. Its own projects (creation and maintenance of the information environment, scientific conferences) and regular consultations with an experts of the largest European companies help in this. In spite of the strong position in the market, they are constantly working towards to improve their business. The company is constantly increasing and evolving».