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Principles of Sustainable Development
Responsible choice of raw materials suppliers
To maintain a sustained product quality, Bioenergia Company works only with reliable suppliers of raw materials, has established itself as producers of reliable products. The company carries pretentious selection of supplier companies for their own production, mostly belonging to the European Community standards on the use of feed additives and premixes FAMI-QS.
The company is working with several suppliers of raw materials for complience with obligations to customers about the delivery of finished products. The company has a renewable storage feedstocks, according to the strict regulations of the production plan, which can ensure the stability of production in a changing market and seasonal demand for its products.

Biosafety and ecology
During the production of finished products the company maintains strict control and analysis of incoming raw materials to conform to the characteristics and the lack of counterfeits by its own production laboratory «BioLab» involving, if necessary, independent organizations that have proper accreditation. Laboratory control of raw materials and the production chain allow customers to receive the products with guaranteed specified characteristics from Bioenergia Company. This directly affects the quality and economic efficiency of agricultural products produced by the customer.
The company is guided by strict biosafety requirements in force in the Russian Federation in the production of its own products, as well as consulting and visiting an experimental work on-site customers.
Strict compliance of environmental standards of feed production: standards for the input products use, production and waste products are not appropriate certificates of compliance, helps to protect the working staff, and reduce production and environmental risks.

Customer focus
Bioenergia Company adheres to the principle of combining customer focus and standardization of production and consulting processes in it's work.
The structure of program interaction with customers is focused on long-term and always mutually beneficial cooperation of company specialists and the customer in the use of feeding programs of Bioenergia.
We provide a flexible approach to economic interaction with customers using a variety of tools: allowing the trade credits, factoring, barter, etc.
The company regularly conduct scientific seminars and conferences with up-to-date topics in animal husbandry in order to improve inter-corporate sharing of knowledge among the customers, as well as the overall professionalism of industry experts. For these events company invites an experts of customers and partners, and leading domestic and foreign scientific consultants as well.
Bioenergia Company, if necessary, assists in the training of customer's staff on its business field in order to create a new professional vision of an effective animal husbandry based on corporate and international experience of leading experts.

Engineering in animal husbandry
We provide consulting to diagnose problems in production area of customer (management, feeding, veterinary), carry out a comparative experiments in the field of scientific substantiation of the effectiveness of feeding programs and use of feeds together with the customers.
We design (for solving particular customer problems) the optimization program of its production activities with the use of technology in the field of management and feeding of farm animals based on existing or planned resources of the customer.
We manage the using of its food resources for proper planning of the whole chain of feed production together with customers.
In accordance with the identified problems we develop and deliver needed for this high-tech products made in-house.
We accompany and control the integration of customers in the production process of Bioenergia Company at all stages of cooperation.
We provide an analysis of production and economic efficiency of feeding and managment programs of Bioenergia implemented at the customer.

Professional vector
The company invests in employee training, seeing it as key to their professional growth and development of Bioenergia Company.
We emplement new technologies in the feed and feed additives production.
We discover new market opportunities and access to large segments of the market by the development of new activities for the company.
We realize the standardization of production processes and management in order to improve product quality and optimize the interaction with all parties concerned.

Corporate cohesion
Bioenergia Company is a team of like-minded professionals specializing in the field of animal nutrition, veterinary medicine, biology and management focused on common strategic goals of the company and share its values.
This is accomplished in three ways: creating clear, understandable and structured schemes of business process management of company, production and interaction system with customers. This contributes to more efficient interaction of employees, both among themselves and with the external environment which is one of the important competitive advantages of Bioenergia.