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Own Media
Competent information platform is one of the most important components of efficient business dialogue. Proper planning of activities required quality, accurate information, which, in turn, protect the business and help to understand what is implementing two projects:

Popular Science Portal «Biomedia.rf»
Popular science portal «Biomadia.rf» (биомедиа.рф) is a rapidly growing media. For several years of working, it has already achieve a wide readership. Currently its weekly audience of more than 2 thousands visitors. Because of professional work of IT-department we have 5-10% gain monthly.
Information focus on actual news, articals and comments about major trends of Agrarian Industry, modern management technologies, innovative methods of farming business, an implementation experience.
Primary objective of Internet Media is providing the directors, owners, top-managers, managers and specialists of companies, who are interested and determined development of agricultural sector of the country, with actual business information.
Audience: owners, top-managers, managers of agricultural enterprises.
© 2013 H «Bioenergia» Certificate of Registration Media El number FS77-45367 of 16.06.2011

Glossy magazine «Persona Grata»
People with interests in related areas of business cooperated themselves in kind of club community for sharing the ideas, information, opinions and discussing of future plans. The main goal of creating the magazine was meeting the reader with the values, life principals and interests of people, who have reached the success and publicity in their field.
«Persona Grata» is a fashion unique media source, oriented on the owners, investors and top-managers of agribusiness. Magazine successfully has taken a previously unproven niche. Each issue is going direct to the top-managers of the biggest agriholdings of Russia, in industry associations and authorities. There are interviews with the owners, top-managers of the biggest agriholdings of Russia on the pages of our magazine. Persona Grata regularly covers the themes, suggested by our readers from different regions of Russia.
But the most interesting is ahead. Much is not implemented yet, and we are open to new ideas.