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Own development
The company specialists regularly become the winners of prizes/competitions for outstanding achievements in the field of science. Addressing to the scientific basis of the company specialists have developed and introduced into a production a number of import-substituting feed additives (complex antioxidant preparation, feed acidifier of probiotic and antibacterial action, energy additive for cattle and others)

Of the most used preparations, it is reasonable to specify:

Complex antioxidant preparation «BIOX»
Preparation slows oxidation by reacting with oxygen in air (without allowing its reaction with the product) interrupting the oxidation reaction (by deactivating the active radical) or disrupting the already formed peroxides.

Formulation: butylhydroxyanisol 0.9-1.1, butylhydroxytoluenum 0.9-1.1, ethoxyquin 1.8-2.2, citric acid 1.8-2.2, fumaric acid 0.9-1.1, malic acid, 0.9-1.1, orto-phosphoric acid 1.4-1.7, silica 6.5-7.5, sunflower oil 7.5-8.5, calcium carbonate 70-80.

Operation Principles:
Antioxidants operation based on their ability to break off a branched chain oxidation. There are two possible mechanisms:
  1. when the first, an antioxidant molecule containing a labile hydrogen atom is reacted with oxidizable compounds active species – radical leading the oxidation chain to form a less active radical;
  2. in another, an antioxidant molecule reacted with an intermediate of oxidation, which breakage leads to the chain branching to form a stable compound. The combined use of antioxidants, acting by different mechanisms, leads to a synergistic effect sometimes.

Product Benefits:
  • In view of the synergistic components «BioX» exhibits more potency than the simultaneous use of several different antioxidants;
  • «BioX» chelates (binds) metal ions that catalyze the oxidation (formation of free radicals);
  • Low level of toxicity of the antioxidant «BioX»

Recommended input rates:
  • In the finished feed – 100-125 g/ton;
  • In meat and bone or fish meal – 150-1000 g/ton;
  • In sunflower, soybean and rapeseed cake – 150-500 g/ton;
  • In vitamin-mineral premixes, protein concentrates – so that in the finished compound feed its content was 100-125 g/ton.

Acidifier and prebiotic complex of antibacterial action «BIOLAC»
Feed additive, which is a balanced blend of dry organic acids, providing good health, high growth and maximum productivity of animals and poultry.

Formulation: lactic acid 20%, fumaric acid 45%, propionic acid 1%, citric acid 1%, formic acid 1%, rich in silica 32%.

Product Benefits:
  • Reducing pH throughout the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Reducing the progress of pathogens;
  • Activation of the enzyme systems of the organism;
  • Increased progress of lactobacillus and bifidobacteria;
  • Inhibits the growth and pogress of pathogenic bacteria, for example, E.coli and Salmonella;
  • Improving the palatability and digestibility;
  • Improving safety and productivity;
  • Using BioLac cost-effectively:
    1. reduces mortality;
    2. reduces the feed costs;
    3. improves an egg shell quality of laying hens;
    4. improves a growth of broilers, piglets, pigs and calves

Recommended input rates:
  • For suckling piglets – 5 kg;
  • For weaned piglets, for fattening pigs – 3 kg;
  • For piglets for bred and milking sows – 3 kg;
  • For dairy calves – 3 kg in formulation of calf milk replacer, powder milk;
  • For broilers – 2 kg;
  • For laying hens – 2 kg.

Feed acidifier «BIOACID»
Feed additive, which is a balanced blend of dry organic acids, providing good health, high growth and maximum productivity of animals and birds.

Formulation: ammonium propionate, calcium propionate and propionic acid 61.75-68.25%, ammonium formate, calcium formate and formic acid 4.75-5.25%, sodium acetate and acetic acid, 0.95-1.05%, citric acid 0.95-1.05%, butilgidroksotoluol 0.095-0.105%, silica 4.75-5.25%, calcium carbonate 17.67-19.53%

Product Benefits:
  • Reducing of gastrointestinal tract disorders;
  • Increasing of weight gain and safety;
  • Long-term protection against re-infection;
  • Maintains quality and nutritional value of feed;
  • Improving the palatability and digestibility;
  • Reduced feed buffer capacity;
  • Increasing safety and productivity;
  • Using BioAcid cost-effectively:
    1. reduces mortality;
    2. reduces feed costs;
    3. increases the resistance of the animal;
    4. increases safety, growth and productivity.

Recommended input rates: 1-3 kg/ton of feed, 3-5 kg/ton of raw materials

Energy additive «BIOENERGY»

Formulation: Propylene glycol 65%; Silica 35%.

Product Benefits:
  • Effective fill the lack of energy in the diet of lactating cows;
  • Prevent the occurrence and increasing of ketosis;
  • Increaseing of 2-3 liters milk yield per day, as well as the fat and protein content in the milk;
  • Rapid and complete assimilation in the rumen;
  • Reducing the period of service;
  • Reducting of weight loss after calving.

Recommendations for use:
Used for high-producing cows two weeks before calving and during the first 4 weeks, etc.