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Our consultants
Simon Grey is an expert in Pig Farm Management, a consultant JSR Genetics Company, UK.
He has begun his carrier in the pig industry as a trainee in the Genetic Company PIC. Worked for PIC, Cotswold and Newsham Hybrid Pigs as a nucleus manager. Since 2005 he is a Managing Director of Checkfarm Consulting Ltd, which provided consulting services in the field of pig business management (specialization is Western Europe and Russia).
Leo Geilvoet is an Independent Consultant for poultry farms management. Since 1975 he has been working in the poultry industry (breeding, fattening, slaughter, meat processing). Practical experience combined with highly skilled consulting in managing poultry business, technical support, training of specialists and workers on the poultry farms, hatcheries, feed mills, slaughter shops, all of it is Leo Geilvoet field. From 1988 until present time he is working in Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries.
Werner Grossmann is CEO of Unipoint AG, a producer of feed additives based on natural mineral «Klinofeed» and «Klinosan».
1980-1992 – studied geology, project engineering and mineral economics at Zurich University, an agribusiness management and farm animal feeding in the USA and the UK.
1987 – till now – CEO of Unipoint AG
Reinaldo Cooke is an Assistant Professor – Beef Cattle Specialist (Oregon State University, USA).
Head of the Program «Strategy of cow management using roughage to improve the productivity of the herd». Member of the «Dairy American Association», «American Farmers Association» and «American Department of Professional Breeders».
John Barber is an Independent Consultant for pigs feeding, PhD.
18 years John Barber has worked in the pigs feeding field in European countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Spain, Latvia, Hungary, Russia, was responsible for feed formulation for all types of pigs and for on farm customer support/problem solving, has been a leading UK specialist in liquid feeding (including liquid feeding of newly weaned pigs and lactating sows) and using of innovative products in the pigs feeding; 8 years has worked in Asia and Eastern Europe, 2 years has designed the diets in North America. Currently is working on Russian farms.