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Expanding the area of influence
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Expanding the area of influence, understanding the conditions of high competition in the market today, Bioenergia Company aims to expand the area of influence, open new markets and options for productive relationships with partners, thereby making a huge contribution to the development of modern technologies of animal husbandry in the territory of the Russian Federation.
In early December, the company's specialists have visited Yorkshire (UK) with a working trip, where is located the central office of international genetic company «JSR Genetics». During the visit, the specialists of Bioenergia acquainted with the structure and activities of the commercial production of JSR, visited the farm JSR Haywold Farm, where have met a sow farm for piglets production (weaning period of 24-28 days) and further transmission to the complex of fattening and growing. This complex also attended by experts Bioenergia, equipped with the most modern, automated equipment, allowing to feed and maintain 8500 heads by two experts, to conduct experimental work on more accurate identification of the necessary animals characteristics. There was discussing the details of cooperation during the negotiations. The result: the company Bioenergia will be an official distributor of products and services of «JSR Genetics» in Russia.