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Laboratory «BioLab»
Laboratory «BioLab» is a modern research laboratory providing innovative development of Bioenergia Company.
«BioLab» is fitted with the most modern equipment to perform quality work on the analysis of biosafety, feed nutrition and composition, components of raw materials and feed additives.

Modern equipment installed in the laboratory allows:
  • internal system of safety and quality control;
  • full incoming control of the input raw materials and components;
  • confirming control of Production and Technology Laboratory of enterprises for intake of raw materials on the plants;
  • regular monitoring of the process at all critical points of production;
  • regular monitoring of finished products before shipment and receiving by the client.

Highly qualified staff spends annually more than two thousand analyzes of arbitrary methods for the needs of customers and the company itself. Laboratory works in collaboration with various scientific and industrial institutions, such as the Common Use Center of scientific equipment in Physico-Chemical Biology and Nanobiotechnology «Symbiosis» of IBPPM RAS. Center equipment enables studies using light, fluorescence, confocal, laser, electron and atomic force microscopy, UV-VIS, infrared and atomic absorption spectroscopy, static and dynamic light scattering, gas and liquid chromatography, PCR, immunnoferment analysis, etc.