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History of the company
Bioenergia Сompany was founded in 2001 as a small local plant for producing premixes and protein-vitamin-mineral-concentrates. The initial interest in the quality of the product has led to the use of proven at that time equipment of the domestic brand «Technex».

Thanks to the right strategy, competent HR policy, scrupulous economic calculations, handling of scientific advances, Bioenergia Company for 13 years reached a multidisciplinary structure with serious production facilities, its own research facilities, high-class specialists, authoritative consulting and in-house logistics service.

There is own truck fleet, completed with cargo tractors Scania G 380 with tent trailers and Flatbed Schmitz-Cargobull, feed trailers Renault. We provide delivery of finished products directly to our customer's warehouse. Also its carried shipments by road and rail in different regions of Russia. Cargo turnover of only our own transport is more than 1000 tons per month.

All this time Bioenergia Company is steady in progress, constantly encreasing the opportunities of our partners, offering them the latest and competent views of business, expanding its product line.

Company foundation, as mentioned above, was held in 2001, the same year have been leased manufacturing facilities, equipment installation has begun, and manufacturing activities has been started. After a year of work the company acquired its own production facilities, with the neighborhood, including driveways for grain hoppers and covered wagons, over the next few years there was reconstruction and modernization of production equipment.

Market situation and desire to be in progress dictated their terms, so in 2004-2005 occurred installing of new production line of the company «Technex» capacity of 2.5 ton/h with automatic control of the process from raw material input to finished production output, its obtained the certificate of «Recommended pre-mixer Adisseo (France)». Then has begun installation of a second production line of the company «Technex», productivity of 25 ton/h. The whole process of production is fully automated and carried out with minimal control of the operator.

By the end of 2006 had completed the installation of a second production line and purchased extruder for processing soybeans.

In 2007, there was taken the decision regarding the need of Company entering to the modern, higher production level, which resulted in the conclusion of an agreement with the Dutch company «Ottevanger» for the purchase of premix plant.
Besides high-grade quality production activities Bioenergia focused attention on one of the most significant problems of agro-industrial complex: non informative enough participants of the business, in connection with what has carried out a number of information events, initiating the systematical organization of international conferences:
  • On the 15-16th of March, 2007 was held «First Volga International Conference». There was discussed the use of domestic and foreign experience in farm animal and poultry industry, modern bioactive ingredients for feed and specific additives with different spectrum of action.
  • In November, 2008 was published the first issue of the corporate magazine «Persona Grata». The publication is addressed to managers of agricultural complex.
  • In early August was held a joint visit to the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Technology and Poultry of Bioenergia together with Unipoint AG (W.Grossman ) and professor of the Vienna University M. Shu.
  • On the 9-10th of April, 2008 was held «The Second Volga International Conference». The conference theme was «Innovative technologies in feeding farm animals and poultry. Genetics. Feed production. Domestic and foreign experience».

Since November 2009, considering the importance of social and HR policy, Bioenergia Company organizes practical training for students of 4th and 5th year of Saratov State Agrarian University named by N.I.Vavilov, taking the speciality of veterinarian, zootechnicians, biotechnologist.

Bioenergia Company is always striving for new knowledge, the implementation of modern standards and thus to improve the quality of their products. Collaboration with authoritative experts of industry — scientists and consultants – one of the most important areas of company life, for example, on the 27-28th of October of the same year, Bioenergia experts and managers took part in the seminar, conducted by Robert Bull and Barrie Audis, who are the UK independent consultants.

Intensive development of IT technologies, global internetization of society led to rethinking of the corporate website concept, wherefore was created a new Internet resource of company meeting all the latest requirements – http://bioenergia.ru/.

From the 1st to 10th of January, 2010 on the production base was conducted a complex regulation. Company specialists performed the installation of the newly acquired mixing «Technex».
One of the most significant events in the information and research activities of the company, at that time, was «International Scientific and Practical Conference in pig industry» which was held in Moscow in April, 2010. It possible to assess the event with the words of one of the speakers – Grant Walling (Ph.D., director of research and genetics company JSR Genetics, UK): «The conference was very well organized, which resulted in the wide audience. All topics were of particular urgency, and regalia and experience of speakers left no doubt about the competence of opinions. The issues discussed were focused on the problem of increasing and measuring the performance of farms. This is something that is essential for the Russian system of pig industry».

Rich sceintific experience, realized developments, undying interest to all branches of agriculture, competent opinion set the course to appearance of a wider information space – a popular scientific portal «Биомедиа.рф». The main focus of the information is the latest news, articles and comments about the main directions of APC, modern management technologies, and the challenges of innovative ways of farming experience in their implementation. This promotes the development of media and communication infrastructure for large companies who are trying to optimize budgets and work with their audience on their own.

Almost since the beginning of the production development, keeping the goal to go ahead, to improve, a complex audit was conducted in the area of feeding, managment and animal health on pig farms in Russia with the involvement of foreign experts. John Barber (an independent consultant in the field of breeding, UK) together with the specialists of Bioenergia conducted an examination and counseling.

The next few years, the company was engaged in testing, installation and validation of a new premix plant equipment.

Bioenergia was always striving to mastering advanced technologies. And the confirmation is a launch of a new production line of high quality products – New Premix Plant in summer of 2013.

The new plant is fitted with modern European equipment «Ottevanger», which allows to produce the products competing in quality with international brands.

Production capacity is 10 ton/h or 60 m/shift in one shift and an 8-hour workday. Modern equipment, computer control, high level of automation allow to embody the latest scientific projects of company specialists.

Strong accent on information activities allowed to create competent information environment – one of the most important components of a productive business dialogue. Successful implementation of the plan requires high quality, reliable information, which protect business, in turn, learn to understand what is happening with the market, competently qualify profitability and productively implement production potential.

Working in a mature, highly competitive market, where the company's image is very important, we clearly understand the importance of marketing policy, where a serious information activity is the most productive, the actual swing. This is the key to further customer loyalty.

So, understanding that long-term partnerships are only possible on condition of continuous professional growth and technological development, the company is constantly engaged in upgrading business relationships with regular and existing customers, considering all the most modern methods, solutions and perspectives on business.