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For Pigs
In the field of feeding pigs, our company collaborates with both major agriholdings and small businesses throughout Russia. Today, we feed about 1 million heads, actively studying foreign experience in the field of pig production and offers innovate technology to our Russia partners in the feeding field. We always offer complex audit of the enterprise and design of individual feeding program, not finished products to the customers we work with. In our country the difference between farms is very huge. The owners of businesses have the different goals, so it is difficult to guarantee the results without considering of particular aspects of the enterprise. We have rich experience in design of feeding programs, allowing to achieve different factors: fattening period to 160 days, average daily gain to 900 g per day, feed conversion ratio when fattening period 2,5. Much depends on the genetic potential of the animal, management conditions and feeding type. However, there are standard products to improve performance in pig production: Pre-Starter compound feed for piglets, full-pelleted compound feed for breeding boars, universal PVMC for farms.

Pre-starter compound feed for piglets
Finished product for piglets in pre-starter from 5 days to 2 weeks after weaning is based on high quality raw material and pelleted. High quality pelleted finished feed mixture guarantees the highest level of livestock safety and high energy of growth in the first weeks of piglets life at significant feed savings. Furthermore, pre-starter compound feed for piglets provides the ability to absorb the nutrients in critical periods before and after weaning.

Full-pelleted compound feed for breeding boars
Full feeding breeding boars are not less important than feeding sows because it largely depends on the quantity and quality of the resulting animal breed. Many pig farms feed boars with feed for sows. However, the nutrient requirements for boars and sows are very different.
Feed compound for boars, producing by Bioenergia is completely balanced with energy, nutrients, and provides the necessary level of sperm and high sexual activity of boars, and as a consequence, high reproductivity of sows.

Universal PVMC for farms
Universal PVMC, protein-vitamin concentrate is designed for all classes of pigs. Using PVMC for farms minimizes the impact of human factors and it is optimal for farms of different levels. For the preparation of complete feed it is enough to have wheat and barley at farm.