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For cattle
Unfortunately, in our country the cattle industry condition is far from perfect: many the old type farms use Soviet genetic material, neglected feeding and, as a result, performance indicators of enterprises are low. Most of the commercial beef and dairy products are imported from abroad. Traditionally there used to be a large number of cattle in Russia. We believe that the potential of dairy and commercial cattle is very high in our country, what we have learnt by our own experience using the modern management principles and feeding the farm animals. With our feed diets, even without great expense in improving the capital assets of the enterprise, we were able to increase the milk yield on 3-5 liters per day, to increase daily weight gain during different periods of the animal's life on 150-300 g. We recommend to make the individual feed ration based on the nature of your activities, but also offer the range of finished products.

Protein-Vitamin-Mineral Concentrate 60-3 with acetate of sodium for high-producing cows
PVMC 60-3 with acetate of sodium is used to balance feed for milking cows under metabolic energy, crude protein, calcium, phosphor, vitamins and microelements.
The peculiarity of PVMC is that it consists of acetate of sodium that promotes fat synthesis in proventriculus, development and secretion of bilious acid; increases fat absorbing from bowels, activates amino acid synthesis and plasma protein. Availability of ion in the preparation stimulates liver function, kidneys, the mucous membrane of the intestines; it improves electrolytic balance and regulates balance acid-base of organism.
The efficiency of the use of acetate of sodium at feeding of lactating cows is shown in increasing the fat content of milk on the average on 0,2-0,3% with the increase in milk yield on 10% (2,5-3 liters of milk).
Beneficial effect of the preparation is observed after 10-12 days of the beginning and lasts up to two weeks after finishing its usage.

Dosage is 10% or 600 g per 1 ton of feed compound per one head per day.

Protein-Vitamin-Mineral Concentrates with protected fats»
Protein-Vitamin-Mineral Concentrates with «protected fats» represented a complex that regulates nutrition of finished feed for cattle according to basic nutrients: metabolic energy, crude protein, crude fat, macro- and microelements and vitamins. «Protected fats» containing in the composition of PVMC represented a complex of fatty acids of palm oil and calcium that form salts. They cover cellulose that's why they don't interfere in metabolism in the rumen. As opposed to «non-protected» fats they don't suppress the activities of daily living of rumen's microflora. The effect of «protected fats» begins in abomasum and duodenum. PVMC with «protected fats» provides high-producing cow with necessary energy, eicosanoic acids and calcium at the first lactation period. Usage of PVMC normalizes accessibility of fibre, protects the animal's organism from development of acidose, maintain a high level of lactation. Use of PVMC with protected fats lets to increase milk yield by 10% and fat content of milk by 0,3-0,4%.

Prescription: for pregnant dry cows 20 days before calving and for lactating cows in the first 100 days of lactation. Dosage is 15% or 750 g per head per day.

High-quality pelleted pre-starter feed for the calves
Pre-starter feed for calves is the first, the most important and economically reasonable step to produce healthy cows that efficiently use feeds and have high milk productivity. Use in growing calves pre-starters allows to: get higher weight gain, significantly reduce the cost of feed for production, facilitate the work of calves care. Pre-starter feed for calves provides energy demand and the availability of nutrients, the optimal development of the rumen of a calf, allowing consume more roughage and concentrates, early weaning calves at 6 weeks of age, decreased flow of whole milk or milk replacer to 160 liters for the entire growing period, reduction of labor costs in the care, improving immunity and safety of young animals.

Vitamin-Mineral Premix with polysaccharides (VMP) 60-3 C
Vitamin-Mineral Premix is designed to balance the feed of lactating cows in the stall period. Premix composition fully insure the animals in vitamins, micro- and macroelements.
The polysaccharides, included in the VMP, are prebiotics, which are contributing to the development of useful microorganisms in the rumen, the intestine, thus suppressing the pathogenic microflora of the gastrointestinal tract, stimulating growth of bifidobacteria, calcium absorption in the colon, increasing the immunity of the animal.

Using this premix in feeding cattle allows to exclude a beet molasses from the diet, which is undesirable for using in the cattle diets in many ways: molasses depresses a rumen microflora. At a concentration of sugar in it until 46% there is a favorable environment for the development of fungi.