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Environmental Care
An environmental care is the foundation of life quality for present and future generations.

Bioenergia Company pays much attention to research and development of technologies that can ensure production with minimum adverse effect on the environment.
We clearly understand the nature and extent of influence of our own work on the environment, our responsibility to protect the health of staff and the people living in the area of our production.

For keeping a stable product quality, Bioenergia Company works only with the raw materials suppliers who is time-tested with impeccable reputation. We carry out a strict selection of suppliers, mostly belonging to the European community standard FAMI-QS, which takes into account the aspects of biosafety products, a labor protection in its production and environmental aspects.
In the production of finished products, outbound consulting and experimental work on-site customers, the company is guided by the strict requirements of epidemiological biosafety.

Bioenergia strictly observed an environmental standards of feed production: standards for the raw materials usage, production and products waste not in compliance, helps to protect the working staff, and reduce industrial and environmental risks.
We guarantee that the risks related to impact on the human health are controlled constantly. Bioenergia is planning it's work paying priority attention to reduce the adverse impact on the environment.
The main purpose in the field of environmental protection is to increase industrial and environmental safety of production facilities through the timely maintenance of equipment, the use of new technologies and automated systems.

For reaching this goal we strictly:
  • comply with the requirements of laws and regulations, improve the processes, control the timely maintenance of equipment;
  • plan production only considering the legal and accepted by the company requirements for environmental safety;
  • forestall the activities that can have a negative impact on the environment;
  • provide with information about environmental security on the basis of the company.

Bioenergia Company with all responsibility undertakes an obligation for the proper performance of activities in the field of environmental protection.