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Corporate Values
Bioenergia values determine the base on what our company works, our principles of relations with all who is in contact with the company by occupation, as well as our principles of professional collaboration. By scientific and industrial potential of the company, as well as our Russian and foreign partners, we are creating a new space of joint value creation, together with our customers.

We aim for maximum openness and mutual trust when interacting with our customers and partners. We focus on long-term cooperation, which is achieved by maximum clarity, focusing on two-way confidential exchange of reliable, timely information and strict adherence to business ethics. We are always open to continuing dialogue with customers and partners, seeing them as an important side of our business. As well, we priority consider ourselves not just as suppliers or consultants, but also as business partners. We intend to do business with our customers and partners, and not by them.

In our work we are always conscious of the consequences of the actions and the decisions we make. Our work is connected with the complex structure of those who we are cooperating with, who we are partners with and who compete with us in the market. Guided by the strict ethical principles, we accept the responsibility for all stages of collaboration with all of them. Therefore, our responsibility is always a guarantee of stability of cooperation with our partners.

We always try to anticipate, predict and effectively manage the changes and events that could affect the interests of not only our company, but the whole environment, which is connected with it. It concerns to our respected customers, partners cooperating with us, responsible suppliers. Our company always strives to initiate changes that can increase the relationship with our customers and partners at a higher quality level.

For more than ten years, we accumulate and systematize the experience acquired by our company in the challenges in the field of animal husbandry. Using high professional scientific and practical potential of our employees, we are always looking for the solution of problems together with our partners. Effective solution to these problems and this experience to become a valuable intangible asset of our company. So we share the knowledge with all who are our partners or wish to become our partner free of charge.

Our company not only seek to absorb advanced technology, but also to develop and offer consumers a new high-tech and high-quality products in its work. We share the principle that innovation is not an end in itself. Our company develops technology and innovation management and is interested in their distribution. We always give higher priority to the implementation of our new developments in the process of our customers. This not only improves economic performance of their production activities, but also helps to ensure a better and more competitive products.